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Laboratory Acquisition March 2008

Sciantec acquires Central Labs from AB Agri 

AB Agri has sold the analytical business of Central Laboratories in Banbury to Sciantec Analytical Services Ltd, part of the Cawood Scientific Group to which NRM Ltd belongs.

This decision has been taken by AB Agri in order to allow them to focus on their core activities.

Sciantec is the UK’s leading provider of food and feed analytical services and has the ability to provide Central Laboratories customers with the benefits of greater scale and focus. 

Sciantec is based in Cawood near York, (with its origins back in the 1900’s). The laboratory operates as a specialist livestock nutrition, and animal health facility, with analytical services encompassing wet chemistry through to NIR analysis of Raw Materials, Animal Feedstuffs, Pharmaceutical compounds, Premixes, Forages and Combinable Grains and Pulses.

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