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New Agri-Nutrient Saver Service Introduced January 2013

NRM Laboratories has introduced the new Agri-Nutrient Saver Service which gives farmers and growers access, via their advisers, to accurate information on the nutrient status of their soils in a timely and economical manner.

The new service harnesses Mehlich III universal extraction and combines it with standard RB427 analysis to provide a comprehensive picture of the major nutrients (P, K & Mg), pH status and trace elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, S, Mn, Mo and Co) in the soil.

This service is not to replace the existing comprehensive soil analysis on offer, which utilises the recommended MAFF RB427 methods for the analysis of trace elements, but is there to offer an alternative, cost effective, soil analytical service to our customers. 

Mehlich III is effective for soils with a wide range of physical and chemical properties and is used for the extraction of Fe, Zn, Cu, S, Mn, Mo and Co.

As the company’s Duncan Rose explains: “Using the Mehlich III extractant removes the need for multiple extraction methods for the different trace elements and the savings made are being passed on to our customers.”

He continues: “The full service also includes organic matter, textural classification and hot water soluble Boron to deliver a complete agricultural soil suite at a very cost effective price.”

To find out more about the Agri-Nutrient Saver Service contact Sean Stevenson or Tel:07825 177895 or Duncan Rose Tel: 07825 177896 

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