Expert, Qualified, Dedicated

People make the business what it is. No matter how technologically advanced and sophisticated the equipment is, careful, methodical people, individuals who care about the quality of their work and can provide that all important ‘reasonability check’ are essential to ensure accurate and timely analyses.

In addition, it is people who have the knowledge, insight and innovative spark to develop the most suitable analytical methods to provide the data required to meet customers’ needs. This ability to devise a testing regime to meet specific customer requirements has become a particular area of expertise for NRM and the company has a well deserved reputation for innovation.

Today we employ some 70 people; many of whom hold degrees and post graduate qualifications in their specialisms. Others have joined the company straight from school and built-up their practical expertise through ‘on-the-job’ and ‘technical’ training. Finding time for training and staff development is a priority as it is important to the future of our business.

There is also a blend of younger and older employees providing a balanced approach to problem-solving. This, combined with analytical productivity innovations and the specialist use of IT within the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), ensures we are continually focusing on our customers’ day-to-day requirements.

The NRM team has all the expertise, qualifications and dedication you need.

Group Mission, Values and Direction


To lead in the provision of analytical services to the ‘land-based’ and related industries.


Our aim is to continue as the standard against which all other analytical services are measured in the delivery of sound science to our customers using comprehensive, cost effective, accurate and timely processes.

This means that for the future we will continue to:

  • Operate within the UK as the major, independent analytical provider in our market sectors;
  • Operate with experienced and dedicated staff to deliver speed and quality of service to match customer needs;
  • Provide an unrivalled portfolio of analytical service encompassing all sector requirements, with a flexible range of data presentation;
  • Maintain a high level of appropriate accreditation and carry out analysis to internationally recognised analytical methodology and standards;
  • Develop long-term customer relationships and invest in the service to meet changing market demands;
  • Operate with complete confidentiality regarding customers and the analytical services provided;
  • Seek to grow in the UK both through selective acquisition and organic growth.

Current Opportunities

We are continually looking for people to join the team who are motivated and can bring something to the business. If you feel that you can contribute and would like to be considered, please send your details to Linda Radnor, Operations Director.